Tracey believes that the success of a horse and rider comes from correct basics, confidence, and positive reinforcement. Safety is always a priority. Tracey thrives on the "aha" moments, smiles, and neck hugs of students, whether it is a small or great accomplishment.

Our facility, "Flickeridge," is located in Lothian, MD features a beautiful new barn with attached indoor arena, featuring FICS footing, a large outdoor arena with well-maintained sand footing, jumps with decorations, and easy access for haul-ins and parking. The Ridge Barn features 20 12 by 12 stalls with premium matting, two grooming bays, two wash stalls, air conditioned/heated interior spaces including: observation lounge, client tack locker room, bathroom with shower, and sealed feed room. The stalls are light and airy, and are equipped with heavy duty fans. The front of the barn also features a viewing deck, overlooking the outdoor and the property. The Ridge Barn has excellent turnout options in private or small groups. There are two lower barns also, with a lovely variety of turnout options. With plenty of space for hacking around the property, there are also several cross country jumps to hop over along the rolling hills.

    Currently haul-in and school-horse lessons are available. The school master "Zoomer" is experienced through the intermediate level with Tracey when he was younger, and has most recently been out and winning at recognized training level, as well as cantering around the intro level courses with the younger students. He is confirmed through third level dressage, and is a quiet and well mannered fellow from which anyone can learn something. Zoomer has a weight limit of 140lbs, due to his conformation.
  • $75- Private Lesson, 45 minutes
  • $60 - Semi-Private Lesson (jump only), 1 hour
  • $60 - Cross Country School
  • + Travel fees & ring fees may apply +
    + Proper attire and helmets are required when mounted. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. If notice is not given, the full lesson fee may be charged.
  • $125 - Full Day or All Phases, Tracey not already entered
  • $85 - Full Day or All Phases, Tracey also entered

  • Coursewalks
  • $30 - Cross country
  • $35 - Cross country & Stadium
  • Courses Tracey is riding also are always free!
  • + Partial days may be discussed, travel fees may apply +
    Training Board is currently available for a limited number of clients.
    Training packages are geared towards the greatest success for the owner's goals, whether that is to start from basics through working towards upper level goals. All programs are catered to the individual horse, with personalized lessons and training schedules. Training board packages include a set number of training sessions, which are interchangeable between training rides and lessons depending on the rider's needs. Programs are also available in an all-inclusive form to suit horses being shown by Tracey, and we also offer a market package to support sales horses.

    Training board package prices range from $1,100 to $1,800 depending on the needs of the client and the horse. To inquire about training board and receive a price list of available programs, please contact Tracey directly.

    We also offer some a la carte services to ship in and training board clients, including grooming and baths, laser and ice therapies, wrapping, braiding, clipping, and other special care. A la carte riding prices are as follows:
  • $50 - Individual Training Rides
  • $30 - Exercise Hack (20 minutes)

  • Sales
    Tracey's network allows a broad variety of clients to see and try your sales horse, with the goal always being the best possible match. Great homes and great futures are priorities for all horses offered for sale. Sales horses must be in training. Commission of %10 for horses over $10,000, and %15 for horses under $10,000 is charged on all horses sold through Tracey Bienemann Eventing.

    + Will be discussed for special situations +

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